Field & Oak is our Spontaneous and Saison beer project inspired by traditional Lambic and Saison culture, brewing and blending techniques. Field & Oak beers are uniquely representative of our New Jersey agriculture and our native yeast and bacteria through spontaneous fermentation and through our partnerships with local New Jersey farms, which lead to creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

An Unforgettable Experience.

Field & Oak strives to capture a particular time and place with each beer and those moments are reflected with each bottle being a unique experience all its own. Field & Oak is inspired by traditional Lambic and Saison brewing and blending techniques from various areas of Belgium which date back centuries. Unlike most beers which utilize carefully cultivated strains of brewer's yeast, Field & Oak beers are fermented through exposure to wild yeasts only in the Spring and Fall seasons when temperatures are not too hot or too cold.

This timeless spontaneous brewing process is a labor of love that requires careful attention and time. Housed within Kane Brewing, Field & Oak is home to one of only a few coolships in America. Our coolship allows the beer to cool overnight, naturally before being racked in oak barrels and fermented in batches for one, two and three years.

The age old style of brewing may be indelibly European but the flavors that Field & Oak creates are 100% New Jersey. All of the seasonal fruits and grains used are all locally  grown in the Garden State. From batch to batch, season to season, Field & Oak beers delight the discerning palate with tales of Mother Nature’s seasonal unpredictability. Just as no two seasons of shiro plums or clingstone peaches will ever taste the same, nor will any of our Spontaneous beers,

Bottles of Field & Oak are available exclusively at the brewery.