Founded in 2011 by Michael and Erika Kane, Kane Brewing Company is one of New Jersey’s largest and most celebrated craft breweries. 

Since the beginning, Kane Brewing has been built around its mission to serve only the highest quality, freshest craft beers using premium local ingredients and distinctive brewing techniques. With this mission in mind, Kane Brewing, along with its sister companies, Kane Distributing and Field & Oak, control the entire process from grain to glass. 

All of our 20,000+ annual barrels of fresh beer are brewed at our facility on the coast of New Jersey by our highly trained team of brewers. Our beers are sold exclusively in our Tasting Room and throughout the state of New Jersey by our dedicated team and delivered to local restaurants, bars and liquor stores by our skilled team of drivers. All with the purpose of providing the best tasting, freshest beers available in the state and providing the best possible drinking experience. 

Stop by our Ocean, New Jersey brewery for a fresh pour of New Jersey’s best IPAs, Lagers, Barrel-Aged Stouts and Spontaneous beers.