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A Blend of Barrel-Aged Ales

15.0% ABV

4380 is our 15.0% Blend Of Barrel-Aged Ales. Since our first Anniversary Ale, 365, we reserve a portion of each release for aging so it can be blended a year later to create our next Anniversary Ale. By doing so each year, our Anniversary Ales will always contain a piece of our past. For this blend, our team carefully selected a portion of our Anniversary Ale that had been aging in Buffalo Trace's Sazerac Rye whiskey barrels for over 30 months. 4380 pours a dark mahogany color with flavors of caramelized sugar, vanilla, and notes of orange citrus with a touch of baking spice. 4380 blends the intricacies of our past Barrel-Aged Anniversary Ales with all the complexities we developed over the last 12 years from our current barrel-aged program.




Caramelized Sugar, Vanilla, Orange Citrus, Spice

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