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Black Currant | 2021 Harvest

Black Currant | 2021 Harvest


Black Currant | 2021 Harvest is a three-year blend of traditional spontaneous beers brewed in the Spring 2018, Spring 2020, and Spring 2021 brewing seasons. Our team picked up black currants from Phillips Farms in Milford, NJ and added them directly into barrels containing the three-year blend which had an average age of 17 months at the time of fruiting. After aging on the currants for an additional 6 months we bottled and laid the beer down for an additional 12 months of conditioning. Upon release, Black Currant ’21 Harvest will be 29 months old. This beer pours a very clear burnt red/crimson color with strong off-white foam and carries a unique citrusy and piney overall character better described as twiggy or woodsy with light citrus and funk. Black Currant has a good tannin fruit profile with a clean medium acidity presenting a nicely balanced and unique overall character.




Pine, Citrus, Funk

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