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Blueberry | 2020 Harvest

Blueberry | 2020 Harvest


In July of 2020, we picked up a massive harvest of New Jersey blueberries from one of our favorite farms. Our team matched those berries with a blend across two years of spontaneously fermented beer, a portion of which was brewed with buckwheat in place of the traditional wheat usage. The beer was racked onto the blueberries and allowed to soak cold to extract all of their fresh berry flavors while limiting their tannic extraction. The beer was then racked off the fruit and back into oak for further conditioning for an additional 10 months. After bottling, Blueberry | 2020 Harvest spent two years conditioning in bottle to allow the fruit and blend to develop gracefully. The average age of Blueberry | 2020 Harvest is 49 months at release. Blueberry | 2020 Harvest pours a purplish pink with a pretty off-white foam. Aromatics of jammy blueberry pie, fresh citrus and peach with a structured mouthfeel and a balancing vinous character.




Blueberry Pie, Fresh Citrus, Peach

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