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Cherry | 2020 Harvest

Cherry | 2020 Harvest


Cherry | 2020 comes from a blend of two batches across the Spring and Fall of 2019. Approximately 45% of the blend came from a 16-month-old traditionally brewed spontaneous beer brewed with an elevated hopping rate while the balance of the blend came from 7-month-old traditional spontaneous beer with the addition of New Jersey blueberry blossom honey in the coolship. For Cherry 2020 Harvest, we pulled this blend with an average age of 11 months for fruiting. We then added a very large amount of New Jersey grown and harvested montmorency cherries directly to oak barrels with the beer where it rested for an additional 12 months to integrate all aspects of the cherry from the juice, skin and pits. We bottled this blend in June of 2021 and it will have conditioned for over 12 months prior to release. Cherry 2020 Harvest will have an average age of 35 months. Cherry 2020 Harvest pours with a beautiful blush red with big cherry pie aromatics supported by almond and nuttiness while the flavor brings juicy and jammy stonefruit, a light funk and a very balanced acidity.




Cherry Pie, Almonds

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