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Cognac Double Barrel-Aged Driftwood (2023)

Cognac Double Barrel-Aged Driftwood (2023)

Barrel-Aged Imperial Brown Ale

14.1% ABV

Double Barrel-Aged Cognac Driftwood was brewed with British Golden Promise and a blend of chocolate, coffee and dark roasted malts. To further develop flavor we added Vermont Maple Syrup and Molasses to the kettle. Following a slow fermentation, this full bodies Brown Ale was racked to a single Buffalo Trace Blanton's Bourbon barrel. After two years of aging it was sent to a single Cognac cask to finish. Double Barrel-Aged Cognac Driftwood pours a dark mahogany brown with notes of chocolate, red fruit and toasted walnut, along with the complexity of maple syrup and crème brûlée.




Chocolate, Red Fruit, Walnuts, Maple, Crème Brûlée

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