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Double Double Cask

Double Double Cask

Barrel-Aged Barleywine

12.8% ABV

Double Double Cask is our 12.8% double barrel aged barley wine. This release came from two separate barley wines, chosen for their notable complexity. The first component originated from a 2-day boiled barley wine aged initially for 12 months in a blend of large format Cognac and Jura wine casks before then being aged an additional 24 months in a single 13-Year-Old Forester Bourbon cask. The second component came from one of our favorite English barley wine recipes that was aged initially in a large format Armagnac cask for 20 months before being aged an additional 22 months in a single Early Times 10-Year Bourbon cask. Double Double Cask has an average age of 39 months. Double Double Cask pours a near-black dark brown with aromatics of rum raisin, candied oranges and chestnuts along with undertones of cacao and crème brûlée.




Rum Raisin, Candied Oranges, Chestnuts, Cacao, Creme Brulee

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