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Flipping Pancakes (2024)

Flipping Pancakes (2024)

Barrel-Aged Pancake Wine

14.3% ABV

​This year’s Flipping Pancakes blend was extensively aged in freshly emptied Elijah Craig 8yr, Buffalo Trace Weller, and Stagg Jr. Bourbon barrels. ​ Flipping Pancakes uses a generous amount of premium English heritage malt and underwent an intense double mash procedure followed by a 12 hour boil before being fermented to a very high gravity and laid to rest in oak barrels for approximately 23 months. ​ This beer was racked out of oak to mature in stainless where it was conditioned on hand processed Vanilla Beans from Madagascar and Costa Rica followed by a blend of Maple and Cinnamon. ​ Flipping Pancakes pours a very dark amber color and brings forward rich caramelized sugar and fig profile, perfectly complimented by notes of vanilla, dark fruits and light background cinnamon, reminiscent of traditional flapjacks and syrup.




Vanilla, Dark Fruits, Cinnamon, Pancakes, Maple Syrup

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  • Draft

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