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Golden Raspberry | 2019 Harvest

Golden Raspberry | 2019 Harvest


This blend came from a single barrel from our first spontaneous brew of Fall, 2018 that was racked onto Vermont grown Anne Golden Raspberries at 11 months old. It rested on the raspberries for 1 month before conditioning in oak for an additional 5 months prior to bottling. We then laid the beer down in bottle for an additional 13 months prior to release. The base beer was chosen as one of our favorite barrels from that fall brewing season. Yellow raspberries bring a floral profile to the beer while remaining distinctly raspberry. The fruit brings gold highlights with strong aromatics of fresh raspberries and light vanilla that layer over the apricot and citrus notes of the blend. The acid profile is bright but balanced as with all our blends.




Fresh Raspberry, Vanilla, Apricot, Citrus

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