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Golden Raspberry | 2020 Harvest

Golden Raspberry | 2020 Harvest


Golden Raspberries have been one of our favorite fruits to work with. For this release, we chose a blend pulling from two oak barrels brewed in the Spring and Fall of 2019. The majority of this blend came from a batch brewed with New Jersey harvest blueberry blossom honey which was complemented by a small portion of beer from our aging recipe. For Golden Raspberry | 2020 Harvest, we pulled the blend at an average age of 14 months and racked it onto a blend of New Jersey and Vermont harvested Anne Golden Raspberries. It sat on these raspberries to referment and condition for an additional 8 months. We packaged this harvest of Golden Raspberry in May of 2021, and it will have conditioned for just over 12 months prior to release. Golden Raspberry | 2020 Harvest will have an average age of 34 months. Golden Raspberry | 2020 Harvest pours a light gold with bright raspberry aromatics coupled with apricot, peach, pomelo and taste of mango, sauvignon blanc and fresh apples. It pours with lively carbonation and drinks with a balanced acidity.




Raspberry, Apricot, Peach, Pomelo, Mango, Sauvignon Blanc, Fresh Apples

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