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Malus (2023)

Malus (2023)

Apple Cider Ale

10.0% ABV

Malus, our 10.0% Apple Cider Ale, was the first beer we bottled back in 2012 and has since become a seasonal favorite. Malus is brewed with a complex malt bill of European Pilsner, wheat and a blend of light and dark caramel malts. We sourced locally pressed fresh apple cider from our friends Delicious Orchards that we boiled down and reduced into a syrup to replace the dark candi sugar we typically use in this style of beer. We used Czech Saaz hops during the boil to balance out the malt sweetness and provide a spicy, floral note to compliment the apple cider. Finally we add cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and allspice to the whirlpool to add a subtle spice character. Malus pours with a deep ruby hue and a pleasant ester profile of dark fruit, bubble gum and spice. The combination of reduced cider and spices brings flavors of mulled apple cider, plum and dried cherry with a subtle background holiday spice. The perfect beer to pair with the holidays and family.



Limited, Seasonal


Dark Fruit, Bubble Gum, Apple Cider, Plum, Dried Cherry, Holiday Spice

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