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Markt | Blend N°1

Markt | Blend N°1


Markt | Blend N°1 was brewed with NJ grown and malted barley and wheat. We used a traditional step mash to accentuate a dry, crisp profile in the beer while laying the groundwork for bright, funky aromatics. Markt was bittered with aged hops in addition to a layering of fresh Saaz through the boil and whirlpool before being knocked out directly into oak for fermentation. At two months into fermentation, we blended in 20% of spontaneous beer from two separate year-old traditional batches and further conditioned the blend in oak before blending. We then laid the beer down in bottle for an additional nine months. Markt drinks crisp, light in body with pear and citrus aromatics and flavor with a decidedly more fresh, hoppy profile.





Pear, Citrus, Hoppy

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