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Merlot | 2020 Harvest

Merlot | 2020 Harvest


During the 2020 harvest, we had the chance to receive New Jersey grown Merlot grapes from our friends at Bellview Winery. The grapes were allowed to undergo carbonic maceration before having a single barrel of mature spontaneously fermented beer racked on the grapes. For the base beer, we chose a barrel from the Spring of 2019 that used a special recipe consisting of New Jersey malted barley and unmalted buckwheat from Rabbit Hill. The beer was allowed to referment on the grapes with 20 days of skin contact before being racked back to oak for extended aging and conditioning for an additional 10 months to mellow. We bottled this blend in August of 2021 and have conditioned it for 15 months prior to release. Merlot | 2020 Harvest will have 46 months of age upon release. Merlot | 2020 Harvest pours a deep maroon with beautiful clarity and a burgundy foam that lasts. The beer presents aromatics of blackberry jam, fresh pressed black cherry juice and pleasant cellar floor with flavors of juicy red fruit, light white pepper all supported by pleasing tannins and well-integrated acidity.




Blackberry Jam, Fresh Pressed Black Cherry Juice

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