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Mexican Brunch (2024)

Mexican Brunch (2024)

Imperial Milk Porter

9.2% ABV

Mexican Brunch, our 9.2% Imperial Milk Porter, is back for all to enjoy.​ Mexican Brunch is brewed with a blend of English, crystal, chocolate, and roast malts and milk sugar for extra body. ​ ​Mexican Brunch was conditioned on a curated selection of cacao nibs from Ecuador and Ghana, coffee from our friends at Rook, maple, and a light mixture of Chile spice and Cinnamon for added complexity. ​ Mexican Brunch is a full-bodied Imperial Porter that pours a dark mocha with notes of traditional milk chocolate, coffee roast and subtle highlights of Chile and Cinnamon spice that makes this beer truly unique.​ ​




Milk Chocolate, Coffee, Chile, Cinnamon

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