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Montmorency Cherry | 2021 Harvest

Montmorency Cherry | 2021 Harvest


Montmorency Cherry | 2021 Harvest blend was from four different batches over three brewing seasons. This three year blend was from traditional batches brewed in Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020; a high gravity batch brewed in Spring of 2021 and a more heavily wheated batch brewed in the Spring of 2019. The blend was racked on Pennsylvania Montmorency tart cherries at a rate of 6lbs per gallon and allowed to referment in wine barrels. It was bottles with young spontaneous in April of 2022. It pours deep rosé with notes of freshly baked cherry pie, graham cracker crust, and baking spice.




Cherry Pie, Graham Cracker, Baking Spice

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