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One: Sangiovese Foudre

One: Sangiovese Foudre


One: Sangiovese Foudre comes from a single foudre with a past life aging Sangiovese wine. This batch boasted an exceptionally balanced profile out of the foudre, making it perfect for an unblended release. The 2019 spontaneous batch from which this beer comes was aged for 17 months in oak. We allowed the initial blend of One bottles to undergo a conditioning period of 9 months. One: Sangiovese Foudre unfolds with a prominent mineral character, featuring aromatics of lemon sherbet and apricots, complemented by a refreshingly balanced acidity. Notes of ruby red grapefruit, peaches and a hint of red wine are brought together by a supporting malt profile.⁣




Lemon Sherbet, Apricots

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