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Ozark Plum | 2021 Harvest

Ozark Plum | 2021 Harvest


Ozark Plum | 2021 Harvest is a blend of two batches of spontaneously fermented beer, including a three-year-old traditional beer and a one-year beer containing New Jersey blueberry blossom honey. The blend was racked in the summer of 2021 to a single oak barrel filled with New Jersey Ozark Premier plums at a fruiting rate of 30%. We then allowed the beer to referment and condition before being bottled in January of 2022. Ozark Plum | 2021 Harvest pours with a burnt orange, pink color and a white foam supported by high effervescence. It presents intense aromatics of plum skins, pink lemonade, tree-ripened apricots, a notable minerality and subtle honey notes.




Plum Skins, Pink Lemonade, Tree-Ripened Apricots, Honey

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