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Peach & Strawberry | 2021 Harvest

Peach & Strawberry | 2021 Harvest


Peach & Strawberry | 2021 Harvest is from three different batches of pour traditional spontaneous recipe over two brewing seasons. The first from Fall 2019 fermented in on one of our Foudres; the second from the Spring of 2020 and the third from another Foudre from Fall 2020. Hand picked New Jersey strawberries and yellow clingstone peaches were added to the blend at a combined rate of 7lbs per gallon. Bottled in January of 2022 with young spontaneous to condition, Peach & Strawberry |2021 pours with a deep orange, light pink due with notes of peach flesh, crushed berries and peach rings and crushed strawberries.




Peach Flesh, Crushed Berries, Peach Rings, Strawberries

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