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Polotmavé 13°

Polotmavé 13°

Czech-Style Amber Lager

5.4% ABV

This 5.4% semi-dark Lager is brewed with a carefully selected grist of Czech Pilsner base, Floor Malted Dark Munich and a touch of roasted malts. This beer underwent a three-step mash process and was hopped with Czech Saaz in the kettle. After a cool primary fermentation with our house lager yeast, it was spunded for natural carbonation. Polotmavé 13° pours a deep garnet-amber with a light unfiltered haze. It boasts a crisp clean profile while retaining a subtle toffee, spice malt character and high drinkability. Perfect for the crisp Fall weather here on the coast.





Toffee, Spices

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  • Cans

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