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Raspberry | 2019 Harvest

Raspberry | 2019 Harvest


Raspberry | 2019 Harvest is a blend of two threads of spontaneously fermented beers brewed in the Fall of 2018, which were aged on New Jersey grown red raspberries. The dominant component of the blend was a nine-month-old spontaneous beer brewed to a higher gravity, leaving residual body to balance the acidity of the fruit. The beer conditioned on the raspberries in oak for five months prior to bottling. We then laid the blend down in bottle for an additional 15 months prior to release. Upon release, Raspberry | 2019 Harvest will be 28 months old. Raspberries generally are naturally one of the most acidic fruits we work with. We aim to balance the blend with a special higher gravity spontaneous beer recipe that follows a traditional process in all other aspects. The residual sweetness and body bring balance to the fruit, shifting the profile to raspberry jam while the intense stone fruit aromatics and minerality of our base beer can still be found. The raspberries provide a strong red color that carries through to the foam. The aroma is of bright raspberries and vanilla with an underlying fruity and earthy profile from our spontaneously fermented beer.




Raspberries, Vanilla, Fruity, Earthy

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