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Red Currant | 2020 Harvest

Red Currant | 2020 Harvest


In July of 2020, our team made the trip to northern New Jersey to select some beautiful Red Currants. These red currants had a uniquely citric, bright and tannic profile that brings a unique balance to our blends of spontaneously fermented beers. For this harvest, our team chose a blend of one- and two-year old traditionally brewed spontaneous beers. We added the red currants directly to the oak barrels and aged the beer on the ribes for an additional year before packaging. After bottling, Red Currant | 2020 Harvest spent an additional 22 months conditioning in bottle. The average age of Red Currant | 2020 Harvest is 48 months at release. Red Currant | 2020 Harvest pours a bright orange color with a dense white foam and aromatics of orange citrus, and cranberries.




Orange Citrus, Cranberries

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