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Rhubarb | 2020 Harvest

Rhubarb | 2020 Harvest


Rhubarb | 2020 Harvest came from a single oak barrel of beer brewed with our aging recipe. For this recipe, which we always brew in the Spring, we increase the raw wheat proportion to 50% of the total grain along with a slight increase in the aged leaf hopping rate. The result tends to be a bit more aggressively flavorful in its youth but mellows elegantly with time. For Rhubarb | 2020 Harvest, we pulled this barrel at 15 months and racked it to age on over 4 lbs per gallon of freshly harvested and split rhubarb stalks in oak for an additional 8 months. Finally, to elevate the nuance of both the base beer and the harvest, we conditioned this beer for an additional 15 months in bottle prior to release. It pours a golden hue and pushes aromatics of sweet vanilla, pie crust, grapefruit and tangerine and drinks with a balanced acidity reminiscent of apricots, strawberries, and lively carbonation.




Sweet Vanilla, Pie Crust, Grapefruit, Tangerine

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