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Sugar Plum | 2021 Harvest

Sugar Plum | 2021 Harvest


Sugar Plum | 2021 Harvest is our first spontaneous beer of the 2021 Harvest. The base beer for Sugar Plum began as a traditional spontaneous batch brewed in the fall of 2019 which eventually spent time aging in a large format oak foudre. This beer was then racked in late 2021 to two former red wine barrels with red sugar plums added from Mood’s Farm Market in Mullica Hill, NJ directly through the barrel heads and allowed to condition for a short time. The beer was then racked out and bottled in early 2022 at an approximate age of 26 months at the time of bottling in early 2022. It spent some more time bottle conditioning prior to its release and is now ready for enjoyment. The beer pours with a ruby pink-purple color with a highly carbonated strong white foam retention and presents a very distinct sweet floral aromatic of plum flesh and skins, various cherry notes, and high minerality and citrus qualities. Sugar Plum | 2021 Harvest has a mellow and balanced tannin supported mouthfeel and subtle acid blend profile combining for an overall balanced and refined finish.




Floral, Plum, Cherry, Citrus

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