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Two: Honey

Two: Honey


Two, inspired by Belgian Lambic blending tradition, is our first blend to incorporate multiple years of our spontaneous program in one bottle. Considered a two year blend because the oldest component is over 24 months, Two is comprised of three different barrels from the 2018 and 2019 spontaneous seasons. At the time of bottling the average age of the blend was 20 months. The oldest component of Two was 26 months at the time of blending. This barrel was pulled from the first traditional batch we brewed in Spring 2018. Upon blending, the barrel brought a rounded, delicate profile with aged cellar aromatics from its extended aging that provides a base for the younger components to layer in fruitier top notes. The second component of the blend was 19 months at the time of bottling, the fourth batch of Fall 2018. This spontaneous beer was brewed with the addition of New Jersey harvested blueberry blossom honey. It brings floral and lemony citrus highlights. The final component was 16 months at the time of bottling, pulled from our fourth batch of Spring 2019. In this recipe, we increase the raw wheat percentage to 50%, with the remainder being malted barley. We also raise the hopping rate to increase the aging potential of the blend, lending a refreshing grapefruit pith flavor. The first blend of Two has aromas of apricot, peach and grapefruit along with Brettanomyces derived cellar character and a citrus flavor from our aged hops. It presents a depth in acid profile balanced by cream and caramel flavors from our all NJ grains and brewing process. At the time of release, the beer in the bottle has an average age of 30 months and should age well for years to come.



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