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Whole Leaf Magic

Whole Leaf Magic

India Pale Ale

7.5% ABV

Whole Leaf Magic is once-a-year IPA brewed exclusively with Whole Leaf Hops. Each year we wait until after the U.S. hop harvest in the late summer so we can select a bale of the freshest, highest quality hops available to showcase in this beer. For Whole Leaf Magic 2023 we selected High-Oil Cascade from our friends at Segal Ranch. Segal Ranch estate grown hops are some of the highest quality hops we’ve used and we are particularly excited for you to taste this Single Hop Whole Leaf IPA. Whole Leaf Magic was brewed with a simple grist of straight Pilsner malt to allow the fantastic flavor and aromas of these High-Oil Cascade hops stand out. We used Whole Leaf Hops straight into the kettle right at the end of the boil for a firm but gentle bitterness. It was fermented with our house ale yeast at a cooler temperature for a more neutral fermentation profile to allow the aromatics of the hops to really shine. Finally it was double dry-hopped with more Whole Leaf High-Oil Cascade hops. Whole Leaf Magic pours a pale straw-colored gold with a slight unfiltered haze. The super bright, High-Oil Cascade hops bring a punch of pungent citrus, watermelon, grapefruit peel, and fresh cut grass to this incredibly flavorful IPA





Pungent Citrus, Grapefruit Peel, Fresh Cut Grass, Pine

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