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Wooden Cleat (2024)

Wooden Cleat (2024)

Barrel-Aged Barleywine

10.7% ABV

Wooden Cleat is a blend of high gravity Barleywines that underwent extensive aging in Buffalo Trace Weller bourbon barrels. This recipe used a generous amount of premium English heritage malt in the grist and underwent an intense double mash procedure followed by a 12 hour boil before being knocked out at a very high gravity and laid to rest in oak barrels for approximately 20 months. This beer was then racked out of oak and allowed to condition in stainless for another month prior to bottling. This year’s vintage of Wooden Cleat pours a very dark amber color with chestnut brown highlights and brings forward very rich multi-layered malt flavors and aromas complimented by notes of molasses, dried dark fruits, and an intense caramelized sugar profile.



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