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Boardwalk Slice

Boardwalk Slice

India Pale Ale

7.2% ABV

Boardwalk Slice, our 7.2% IPA, features a proprietary hop with a unique name grown exclusively by our friends at Segal Hop Ranch in Yakima Valley. The hop is called Anchovy and pushes notes of fruit punch and Swedish Fish candies.⁣ We had the opportunity to first experience Anchovy straight from the bine while walking the hop yards with John Segal and Martin Ramos, the farm's hop breeder, last year during harvest. ⁣Based on that initial rub we couldn’t wait to get the unique flavor profile of this hop into a one of our beers.⁣ For Boardwalk Slice we paired this hop with Motueka in the whirlpool and Citra in the dry-hop to create a tropical fruit punch profile, perfect for a summer IPA.⁣ Boardwalk Slice pours a hazy golden orange with aromatics of watermelon candies, lime zest and your favorite childhood fruit punch.⁣




Watermelon, Lime Zest, Fruit Punch

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  • Cans, 
  • Draft

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