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Double Dry-Hopped Party Wave

Double Dry-Hopped Party Wave

India Pale Ale

7.4% ABV

For this batch of Party Wave we added Riwaka to the whirlpool to help boost those citrus and stone fruit flavors we bring in during the dry-hop while providing a smooth, firm bittering. ⁣ For the dry-hop we did a massive two stage addition with a blend of Galaxy, Nectaron, Citra, HBC586, and a small amount of Riwaka.⁣ Double Dry-Hopped Party Wave has all same characteristics of the original with amped-up flavors of overripened pineapples, passionfruit, and a slight dank diesel profile.⁣




Passionfruit, Citrus, Pine, Tropical Fruit

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  • Cans, 
  • Draft

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