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FWD 701 Mosaic

FWD 701 Mosaic

India Pale Ale

7.4% ABV

FWD 701 Mosaic was brewed as a part of the FWD hop innovation program from Yakima Chief Ranches.​ FWD is focused on brewing community engagement, granting breweries access to the newest, not-yet-commercialized HBC varieties and products in YCH's innovation pipeline.​ We are the only brewery in New Jersey participating, along with many other breweries around the world.​ Through this program we were able to trial their new 701 hop product, intended to amplify hop aromatics. We are big fans of Mosaic, so it was an easy choice for us to push the tropical hop notes in our newest beer.​ FWD 701 Mosaic is hopped with 701 Mosaic in the Whirlpool and a blend of Mosaic 701, Cryo & T90 Pellets, and Citra Cryo & T90 Pellets in the dry-hop.​ FWD 701 Mosaic pours a pale hazy straw color with notes of stone fruit, mango & tangerine supported by flavors and aromas of light cotton candy and resin.




Stone Fruit, Mango, Tangerine, Cotton Candy, Resin

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