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Head High 4000

Head High 4000

India Pale Ale

8.0% ABV

Head High 4000 marks the celebration of our 4000th batch of Head High. For this batch, we took all the favorite things we have learned from brewing Head High and its variants over the years. The base of this beer drew inspiration from Double Head High, creating a fuller mouthfeel to layer an amped up version of the Head High hopping profile. In order to commemorate the 4000th batch we took the dry hopping regime of Head High and quadrupled it to provide an intense drinking experience with tons of grapefruit, citrus and fruit loop character. Head High 4000 pours an opaque orange color with a rocky white foam. It has aromatics of sweet fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, orange creamsicle and fruit loops.




Grapefruit, citrus and fruit loops

Package types

  • Cans, 
  • Draft

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